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Making a hybrid manicure requires the use of suitable liquids and preparations, thanks to which the hybrid varnish will permanently linger on the nails and at all times will look like freshly applied. Vasco brand in its offer has all the necessary lotions and preparations for nailcare..

What liquids and nail care products do we offer?

  • Vasco Cleaner – with a capacity of 100, 500 or 1000 ml. Cleaner is an indispensable preparation when performing hybrid manicure. It is used at the end of the styling. Its task is to remove the dispersion layer of the top.

  • Vasco Remover – 100, 500 or 1000 ml capacity. Remover is used for washing hybrid varnish.

  • Vasco Cuticle Remover – 15 ml capacity. Softens the cuticles around the nail and facilitates their removal.

  • Vasco acid-free primer – with a capacity of 6 ml. Primer is also indispensable when performing a hybrid manicure. The nail plate is washed with primerem before applying the base, so that the adhesion of the base to the plate will be increased.

  • Vasco skin olive – with a capacity of 6 or 15 ml. Olive is applied to the very end of the hybrid manicure. The cuticle olive moisturizes the skin around the nail, shines and protects the plate.