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The leading vasco gel polish brand has created the best quality products, necessary for the making of hybrid nails from the beginning to the end. The correct styling of hybrid nails begins to apply the so-called base to hybrids, which is responsible for protecting the nail plate from harmful actions of manicure and thus, allows for frequent color changes.

Vasco Gel Polish offers our bestselling Base building, which you will align, extend and build a natural nail plate, as well as build a C. Base building curve is also ideal as a base product for gel masses.

Both classic hybrid bases and colorful bases, which will also work as a self-worn manicure (after fixation with a top). The delicate colors and the possibility of superstructure the nail are just some of the advantages of these bases for hybrids. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with 6-in-1 products, which are also the base, allow you to superstructure the nail and its extension, in addition, contain minerals and vitamins and do not require the use of top.