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Love Me is a collection unique in relatively respects. At first, you will be surprised by the changed packaging and the Vasco logo, which will look beautiful on every shelf. Love Me is not only a new graphic design - varnish primarily on innovative formulas, thanks to which painting nails will be pure pleasure! The creamy consistency with a strong pigment covers the plate, provides a premium coverage (in the case of the plane plane already during the First War!) And does not create streaks.

You can apply the varnish with a new, narrower brush, on which a group of places in the area of ​​the manicure worked. During the application created on a perfect fan, you will quickly cover the nail plate. What's more, it takes on the perfect amount of varnish, which makes the work easier and shortens its time. With a new brush with points to paint the surface of the nail - no need to change or worry about flooded cuticles and side shafts.

Among the 24 shades there are shades of red as well as various variants of pink.

Love me love me as much as mine!