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In this category there are all the necessary accessories of hybrids and nail styling. The correct execution of hybrid manicure depends primarily on the proper preparation of the nail plate. Therefore, it is mandatory to equip each manicurist should be a nail file, a polishing block, wooden sticks, a knurled and a hoof. If you like to perform any decorations on nails, then you should stock up on brushes for decorations and nail ornaments. Check out our wide range and see what accessories you'll need.

What nail styling accessories do we offer?

  • Nail files – of different gradation and shape. Coarse files with a gradation of 80/100 are mainly used to draw gel and hybrid. 100/180 medium-grain files are used to shape nails. Fine-grained files, on the other hand, are used to gently smooth the nail.
  • Polishing blocks – remove any irregularities from the nail and cause its mattification
  • Towels – essential for the work of any professional manicurist and pediikiurzystki
  • Nail ornaments – from delicate pollen to performance effects to Svarowski stones. • Decorating brushes – great tools for creative nail decorating
  • Dust-free swabs – essential when using liquids, preparations and olives for nails
  • Stencils – an integral part of any professional manicure salon
  • And many other useful accessories for manicure.
Accessories for hybrids