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Acrylgel Vasco - French Pink 50 ml.

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New in nail styling with gel elasticity and acrylic hardness.


Acrylgel French Pink - it is a product with a consistency of mousse, acrylic strength and gel elasticity.

The dense consistency allows for express nail modeling.


1. Flexible

2. Strong as acrylic

3. Dense - does not flood skins

4. Available in 4 colour variations

5. Do not air

6. Fragrance-free

7. Single-phase

8. Easy to apply and develop

9. Won't turn off

For styling, use:

•Vasco Cleaner

•Vasco Acrylic Brush


1. Develop skins;

2. Give the desired shape to the nail plate;

3. Matte the nail plate and then de-crush;

4. We recommend applying PRIMERA before styling acrylogel will ensure the best adhesion of the gel even with a problematic nail plate;

5. Put the Vasco mold and apply a small amount of acrylogel and Vasco brush dipped in Cleaner Vasco ,

6.spread the acryloger so that the sides are not too thick, and through the center was made a tunnel;

7. Cure in UV/LED 60s lamp, UV 120s ;

8. Wash Your Fingernail Cleaner Vasco

9. Give the desired shape to the nail plate and use a block to matte the plate;

10. Apply a glossy top or style with selected Vasco hybrid lacquers.

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