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Base Building Vasco (6 ml)

Building Base Vasco - It is a very plastic product, yet hard and resistant to mechanical damage.
Ideal for extending natural tile on template, reconstruction of damaged and brittle nails, reinforcement of weak and soft nails

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Thanks to the innovative Building Base recipe, it extends the natural plate by up to 1 cm. Thanks to its consistency and contoured brush, BUILDING BASE is extremely simple.

It is not harmful to the natural plate and protects it from any injuries.

1. Plastic, allowing to compensate for the imperfections of the tile giving it a perfectly smooth surface.
2. Dense, makes it easy to build the nail and create the perfect C curve.
3. Resistant, gives the possibility of extending the natural nail by up to 1 cm.
4. Self-leveling – facilitates accurate application.
5. Perfectly combines with hybrid varnish to create a durable manicure for more than 3 weeks.
6. The problem with brittle and thin nails? BUILDING BASE VASCO will perfectly strengthen them and at the same time give a beautiful glow.
7. Trouble-free to remove with file or Acetone.
8. It works perfectly as a base product for gel masses.

Curing time in UV/LED lamp 2 min, LED 60 s.

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