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Base Beige Pink Vasco (15 ml)

Base Beige Pink Vasco - can be used as a base for color, while allowing you to create complete stylizations in the shade of natural, well-groomed nails, great for styling ombre and baby boomer provides an excellent primer for pastel shades

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Thanks to the innovative recipe, Base Beige Pink extends the natural plate by up to 1 cm. Thanks to its consistency and contoured brush, the BASE BEIGE PINK application is extremely simple.

Base Beige Pink gives the color of a natural, healthy-looking nail plate. It can be used as a base and at the same time color by applying only the top, but also as a base that raises colors with less opacity.

It is not harmful to the natural plate and protects it from any injuries.

- plastic, allowing to compensate for the imperfections of the tile giving it a perfectly smooth surface.
- facilitates the superstructure of the nail and create the perfect C curve (the second, thicker layer, whose task is to superstructure the C curve - requires a longer curing in the lamp - about 1 min. Similarly, it should be done in the case of nail extensions).
- works with natural nail plate
- has self-leveling properties - facilitates accurate application
- allows you to extend the nail plate by up to 1 cm.
- Perfectly combines with hybrid varnish to create a durable manicure for more than 3 weeks.

Curing time in UV lamp 2 min., in LED lamp and UV/LED lamp 60 sec.

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