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You can start your adventure with hybrids today. From the guide below you will learn what hybrid varnishes are, how to apply them correctly. You will also learn what necessary accessories you need to efficiently make a hybrid manicure.

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What is a hybrid varnish?

It is currently the most frequently chosen nail polish in Poland. Hybrid, as the name implies combines the properties of traditional nail polish and UV gel. Thanks to this combination, hybrid varnishes are durable and easy to apply. In addition, thanks to the use of topcoat, they have a much better gloss than traditional varnishes. The durability of hybrid varnishes is up to 21 days, where with traditional varnish it is impossible to achieve.

The main advantages of hybrid varnishes

  • Lasts up to 21 days
  • A wide range of colors
  • Very high damage resistance
  • Long-lasting and beautiful shine
  • The possibility of making unique stylizations
  • The ability to quickly extend nails

Start the adventure with hybrids

Do you want to make your first purchase at www.vasco-nails.com?

Great! Check what you will need for the first hybrid stylization.

Thinking about beginners, Vasco has prepared several sets that contain all the necessary varnishes and accessories for a complete hybrid manicure.

a set of hybrid varnishes with a UV lamp

Set X - 3x Hybrid Nail Polish, Lamp 9W + FREE!

a set of hybrid varnishes with a UV lamp

Set IV - 4x Hybrid Nail Polish, Sunone Lamp - SUN 9 36W

a set of hybrid varnishes with a UV lamp

Set V - 4x Hybrid Nail Polish, DUAL LED 24/48 W lamp

a set of hybrid varnishes with a UV lamp

Set XIII - 5x Hybrid Nail Polish, Sunone Lamp - SUN 3 UV / LED 48W, Case


You can also buy the necessary hybrid manicure accessories separately

You don't know what exactly you will need? Does not matter! Below we have a list of products you need for your nails to shine for 21 days.

base for hybrid varnish

Base for hybrid varnishes

top hybrid varnish

Top for hybrid varnishes

colored hybrid varnishes

Colorful hybrid varnish

nail degreaser

Cleaner Nail degreaser

nail polish remover

Remover Varnish remover

nail pads

12-layer dust - free swabs

nail polisher

Vasco polishing block


File boat 100/180 Vasco

last for hybrid manicure

Metal last for cuticles

clips for removing hybrid manicure

Clips for removing hybrids

hybrid manicure oil

Manicure oil

uv led lamps for hybrid varnishes

UV LED lamp