§1 General provisions

  1. This document constitutes an appendix to Terms of Use. By using our services, you share you personal information to us. This Privacy Policy is only a support in understanding what information and data are collected and for which aims, as well as what for we use them. These data are very crucial for us so we ask you to become precisely familiar with this document as it specifies rules and ways of processing and protection of personal data. This document also specifies rules of using Cookies.

  2. We hereby declare that we obey rules of personal data protection and any legal regulations set forth by the Act of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws 2015, item 2135) and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

  3. A person whose personal data are processed has the right to apply to us in order to obtain detailed information about the way we use his/her personal data. We always strive to clearly inform about data we collect, the way we use them, aims they serve to and to who we share them with, what protection we provide when sharing them with other entities, as well as provide information about institutions one should contact in case of doubts.

§2 Rules of privacy

  1. We treat privacy in a serious way. We are characterised by a respect for privacy and possibly the best and guaranteed convenience of using our services.

  2. We value the trust our Users put in us, providing their personal data for the aims of order realisation. We always use personal data in a fair in order not to break your trust, only in the scope necessary for order realisation, including its processing.

  3. Users have the right to obtain clear and complete information about the way we use their personal data and for what aims. We always clearly inform about data we collect, the way and to whom we pass them and share information about entities one should contact in case of any doubts, questions, remarks.

  4. In case of doubts concerning our use of personal data of Users, we shall immediately undertake actions in order to clarify and resolve doubts. We shall completely answer any questions related with this subject.

  5. We shall undertake any justified actions in order to protect data of Uses from improper and uncontrolled use and to protect them in a complex way.

  6. We shall obey all valid provisions and regulations of the law concerning personal data protection and cooperate with bodies preoccupied with data protection and authorised prosecuting authorities. In case of a lack of regulations concerning personal data protection, we shall proceed in accordance to generally accepted rules of data protection, rules of social intercourse, as well as common habits.

  7. A detailed way of personal data protection is specified in the policy of personal data protection (ODO: safety policy, terms of personal data protection, instruction of IT system management). Due to safety reasons and described procedures, it shall be shared only to national control bodies.

  8. The administrator of your personal data is VASCO OFFICIAL GEL POLISH Marcin Zieliński, ul. Ogrodowa 72/74, 91-071 Łódź, Poland,  VAT 7251854223, tel. +48 667 043 907, email:,

  9. In case of any questions concerning the way we process personal data, please contact us via the website from which you were directed to this Privacy Policy. A request for contact shall be immediately forwarded to a proper person.

  10. User have always the right to inform us if:

  1. does not want to receive any information of messages from us;

  2. wants to receive a copy of his/her personal data stored by us;

  3. wants to correct, update or delete his/her personal data stored in our database;

  4. wants to report violations, improper use or processing of his/her personal data.

  1. In order to make our reply or response to provided information easier, please provide your name and surname and more details.

§3 Scope and aim of collecting personal data

  1. We process necessary personal data solely for the purposes of service realisation and for accounting aims, such as:

  1. placing an order,

  2. concluding a contract, complaints, withdrawing from a contract,

  3. issuing VAT invoice or a receipt.

  1. We collect, process and store the following data of users:

  1. name and surname,

  2. residence address,

  3. delivery address (if different than the address of residence),

  4. VAT number (NIP in Polish),

  5. email address,

  6. telephone number (mobile, landline),

  7. information about used web browser,

  8. other voluntarily provided personal data.

  1. Provision of the above mentioned data is fully voluntarily, however, also necessary for complete realisation of services.

  2. The aim of collecting and processing or use of personal data:

  1. direct marketing, archive aims of advertising campaigns;

  2. realisation of obligations imposed by provisions of law, through collecting information about adverse affects.

  1. We may send personal data to servers outside the place of residence of Users or to related entities, third parties with seats in other countries, including states of the European Economic Area, encompassing the European Union states and EFTA states, in order to process personal data by such entities on our behalf in accordance to this Privacy Policy and valid provisions of law, customs and regulations concerning personal data protection.

  2. One needs to take into account the circumstances that in numerous states to which the above mentioned data are sent the level of personal data protection is not the same as in the state of a user. An access to personal data of users stored in other countries, according to their valid law, can be granted to e.g.: courts, bodies responsible for execution of law and national safety, in accordance to regulations in force in such country. With the reservation to requests of revealing data which are consistent with legal regulations, we oblige ourselves to require from entities processing personal data to undertake actions in order to protect data in a way consistent with their national law.

§4 Cookies Policy

  1. We collect information included in Cookies files in an automatic way for the aims of collecting User data. Cookies files are small pieces of text which is sent to User's browser and which the browser sends back during next entries. They are used mainly for session maintenance, e.g. by generating and sending back a temporal ID after logging in. We use Cookies stored at a User's terminal device till the moment he/her logs out, close the website or close the browser, as well as Cookies that are "constantly" stored at User's terminal device for the period specified in Cookies parameters or till they are deleted by a User.

  2. Cookies adjust and optimise a website and its offer for the needs of Users through actions such as creating statistics of views and providing safety. Cookies are necessary also to maintain a session after leaving a page.

  3. The administrator processes data included in Cookies each time when a site is viewed, for the following aims:

  1. optimisation of using a site;

  2. identification of Service users as logged in at current time;

  3. adjusting graphics, options and any other content to individual preferences of Users;

  4. remembering automatically or manually input data from Order Forms or logging data provided by a guest;

  5. collecting and analysing anonymous statistics presenting the way of using a site in the administration panel and Google Analytics;

  6. creating marketing lists on the basis of information about preferences, behaviour, ways of use at website and collecting demographic data, and next, sharing these lists at AdWords and Facebook Ads;

  7. creating data segments on the basis of demographic information, interests, tastes, in selection of browsed products/services;

  8. Using demographic data and data about interests for Analytics reports.

  1. At any time, User can completely block and delete Cookies using his/her browser.

  2. Blocking possibilities of collecting Cookies can hinder or indispose using some of functionalities of the website and a User has a full right to do this, however, he/her must be aware that such situation may cause limitations of functionalities.

  3. Users who do not want Cookies to be used for the above mentioned aims can delete them manually. In order to become familiar with a detailed instruction of proceedings, please visit the website of the used browser developer.

§5 Rights and obligations

  1. We have the right, and in cases foreseen by the law a statutory obligation, to relay all or selected information concerning information on personal data to public authorities or third parties which request such data on the basis of valid regulations of Polish law.

  2. Users have the right to an access to content of their shared personal data and he can correct, complement them at any time, as well as the right to demand their deletion or cease of processing, without stating any reasons. In order to execute own rights, Users can send a proper message to an email address or any other way to submit such request.

  3. User's demand of deletion of personal data or stopping their processing can result in complete lack of realising services or be a serious limitation.

  4. We oblige ourselves to proceed in accordance to valid provisions of law and rules of social intercourse.

  5. Information about non-judicial settlement of consumer disputes. Within the meaning of the act on non-judicial settlement of disputes is the Financial Ombudsman, the website of whom is as follows:

§6 Fundamental safety rules

  1. Each user should take care of his/her data safety, as well as safety of own devices used for the Internet access. Such devices should have installed updated antivirus software, regularly updated with bases of definitions and types of viruses, a safe version of web browser and switched on firewall. Users should check whether the operating system and installed applications have up-to-date updates, as in case of attacks, errors in installed software are used.

  2. Access data to services offer in the Internet like logins, passwords, PIN numbers, digital certificates, should be protected in a place not accessible for others and impossible to be raided from the level of the Internet. They should not be revealed and stored in a device in a form that allows an unauthorised access by unauthorised parties.

  1. Users should be cautious when opening strange attachments or clicking links in email that they do not expect, e.g. from unknown senders.

  2. It is recommended to launch browser's anti-phishing filters, i.e. tools that check whether a website is real and is not used for swingling information, e.g. by personating of other people or institutions.

  3. Files should be downloaded only from safe places, services, and websites. We do not recommend installing software from not verified sources, especially of those of unproven opinion. The above concerns also mobile devices like smartphones, tablets.

  4. When using a home Wi-Fi network, one has to set a password that is safe and hard to be hacked. It should be no password easy to be hacked like name of street, name of host, birth date, etc. It is also recommended to use the best possible standards of Wi-Fi encrypting, e.g. WPA2.

§7 Using Social Media plugs-ins

  1. Plug-ins used by social media such as or Twitter as well as others can be stored at our websites. Services provided by them are provided by Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. companies, respectively.

  2. Facebook is managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA Facebook. In order to browse Facebook plug-ins, please visit:

  3. Twitter is managed by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. In order to browse Twitter plug-ins, please visit :

  4. A plug-in relays its provider information only about which of our websites you had access and when. If during browsing our website a user is logged in to his/her account on e.g. Facebook or Twitter, a provider can process your interests, information preferences and other data, obtained e.g. by clicking Like button or commenting or writing a profile name in comments section. Such information can be also passed through a browser directly to a provider.

  5. More detailed information about collection and use of data by Facebook or Twitter and privacy protection can be found at below sites:

  1. Data protection / tips on privacy by Facebook:

  2. Data protection / tips on privacy by Twitter:

  1. In order to avoid noticing a visit using an account at Facebook or Twitter, please log out before browsing our sites.