Vasco Double-Sided Glass File

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Double-Sided Glass File

Length: 19 cm

It is made of tempered glass.

Designed for the care of natural and artificial nails. It also removes kerased epidermis (the procedure should be carried out on moist skin).

It is hygienic - it can be disinfected, sterilized, washed with soapy water with a gentle brush.

Microscopic abrasive surface provides excellent nail care and modeling!

The urgentk does not cause the nails to decompoche. After each use, it should be gently washed. The advantage of double-sided glass files is that when performing manicure it is possible to work on both sides of the file without putting it in your hands. Thanks to the tiny grinding particles, it uniquely protects nails - through prolonged regular use of the nail can be prevented from cracking and breaking nails.

The glass file is also a file, a stick for removing cuticles and a nail cleaner. Thanks to the specially hardened glass, it is extremely durable.

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