Abrasive cap for pedicure 10mm - Gradation 120 Vasco

VAT included

Exceptional quality abrasive pedicure caps with the ability to self-clean. Possibility of working wet and dry during podological procedures as well as pedicure. Due to their shape and size, they are ideal for removing epidermis and developing the sole of the foot. Softer gradations (from 180) can also be used to smooth the skin.

Exceptional quality will ensure the comfort of work and durability of the overlay, which will serve for much longer than replacements.

The work goes much smoother and the skin after the procedure will be smooth. The epidermis does not settle on the cap, which could cause clogging and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

The middle of the cap is made of a special material (Cotton PODO) so that it holds the carrier perfectly.


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