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Vasco Hybrid Lacquer - 008 Mindelo

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Vasco hybrid lacquer is the perfect solution for women who want to have a flawless manicure for more than 3 weeks. The consistency and innovative shape of the brush will make the flooded skins not your problem!


Vasco hybrid lacquer properties are:

  • Saturated color
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Sensational grip
  • Liquid, creamy texture
  • Easy applique – no streaks or flooded skins
  • Safe formula
  • Perfect and durable hybrid manicure without chipping
  • Perfectly contoured brush


1. Gently matte the nail plate with a polishing block.

2. We wash with a degreaser.

3. If the nail plate is very delicate and weak, before applying the base, use the Sunless Primer

4. We apply the base layer (recommended: Base Building or other from the Vasco collection) and cure in the lamp: LED - 30 seconds, UV - 2 minutes.

5. We apply the first layer of colored Vasco varnish and cure in the lamp (LED - 30 seconds, UV - 2 minutes).

6. We apply the second layer of Vasco varnish and cure.

7. We paint the nails with a top: Vasco Top, Vasco Top No Wipe or another from the vasco range and cure in the lamp.

8. Top Vasco we wash our Vasco Cleaner. Our Top No Wipe does not require washing.

Curing time
in UV lamp 2 min., in LED lamp and UV/LED lamp 60 sec.

Capacity - 6 ml

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