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Vasco stone ball cutter.

Stone cutter ball 1 pc.

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The stone ball cutter is used for gentle grinding of nails and the development of cuticles during manicure and pedicure, before styling nails by gel, hybrid and acrylic methods.

Ideal for processing nails at the shaft, for exfoliating nail shafts and thickened cuticles. Thoroughly and gently removes the surface at the cuticles, without damaging the nail plate. The cutter provides excellent quality, optimal machining, fast and safe operation.

It has a long service life. Its advantage is the very precise lying axle, thanks to which the cutter rotates accurately and centily, which does not cause any vibrations during operation.

The cutter can be attached to dry and wet milling machines, lockable, twist lock and self-clamping. For maximum efficiency and safety, the cutter is attached as far as possible to the center of the milling machine.
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