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Vasco Builder Gel - Baby Boomer -15 ml (Self-leveling)

The gel is edifying, self-leveling. milky-pink, used both for hardening the natural plate and for its extension.

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Due to the high pigment content, it covers the nail bed very well, retouching the plate with imperfections.

Baby boomer Vasco gel is an ideal base for pastel, neon colors, but it will also work as a color on a natural plate or extended nail.

Advantages of baby boomer gel:

•Very dense


•stable consistency does not change due to very high temperature

•strong, fault-tolerant

•80% opacity

•suitable for use with crimping

•perfect for baby boomer and french styling.

•easy to saw

•ideal for building on the form as well as strengthening the natural nail plate

Curing time :

UV lamp -3 min.

Dual Led lamp- 30-60 sec.

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