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Glitter Velours Vasco Pollen (No.1)

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Glitter Velours is a collection of 12 jewellery pollen in shades: silver, gold, red, pink, green, pomegranate and black, which will add shine to any styling.
On a hybrid nail painted, wipe the pollen into the entire surface of the plate and dazzle with the effect of a matte glow.
The Glitter Velours effect is also ideal for highlighting selected styling elements.



1. For a previously placed hybrid varnish (preferably black) covered with a no wipe top (without dispersion layer), gently rub the Glitter Velours pollen.
2. When you intrude on the pollen, you'll see a stunning Glitter Velours effect.
3. Gently remove excess pollen with a dust brush and enjoy the glow of styling.

Additional option
4. If you want to shine and give it a new dimension, use the NO WIPE top and cure it in the LED/UV lamp
Product in jar.

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